LUX Canada - Company

Your kitchen and bathroom re-imagined

LUX represents a new vision in European-inspired, kitchen and bathroom furnishings and accessories.

In re-imagining the different elements comprising these two important places in our lives, LUX embraces a creative approach to developing innovative products based on the latest technologies and with touches that set them apart in their smallest details.

This rigorous approach is reflected at every level of our company and enables us to offer a line of products that are not only functional and long lasting, but aesthetically pleasing and stylish as well.

Every LUX kitchen and bathroom furnishing and accessory is tested to meet exacting technical, material, performance and certification standards. Our product line includes a wide range of choices in terms of quality materials and finishes, and many different choices in terms of design, from classic and traditional to contemporary and avant-garde.

The hallmark of the LUX brand is a seamless blend of sophistication and simplicity with functionality and elegance. We sum this up with the two-word slogan, Quality & Design.

Driven by the desire to ensure our customers are always 100 percent satisfied, the LUX team is dedicated to providing comprehensive technical service. Thus, in purchasing a product that carries the LUX name, you are also purchasing peace of mind.

Whether you are in the market for a new high quality sink, a multi-jet shower column, a state-of-the-art range hood or some other kitchen or bathroom fixture or accessory, look no further. There's a LUX product ideally suited to your own unique personality and lifestyle — everything available at affordable prices that will make you smile.