LUX Canada - Eco


Sustainable development is an attitude that reflects the way in which we operate our business. It provides a road map for how we manage risks and opportunities.

Our focus on sustainable development is all-encompassing and ensures not only economic viability and respect for the environment but long-term social benefit as well. In short, we do our part to protect the planet for future generations.

Use of sustainable materials

In recognizing that raw materials are an exhaustible resource, our philosophy is based on extending a product’s life cycle. This qualitative approach requires us to consider raw materials based on more than price alone.

The value of selecting raw materials with high qualitative characteristics lies in a longer service life for our products and reduction of our environmental footprint.

Design optimization

When our team develops a new product, we evaluate the design to ensure the perfect balance between quality manufacturing and optimal use of raw materials.

This implies minimizing waste from initial fabrication through to final manufacturing. Each step is then controlled to ensure the product’s robustness.

Along the same lines, we also design our packaging to optimize the use of recyclable materials, such as cardboard and plastic.


Beyond simple cost savings, our logistics are organized so as to minimize our environmental impact.

With that in mind, we analyzed the number of pickups and deliveries we were making to suppliers and customers, and have established procedures that reduce the total number of trips by 28%.

Responsible waste management

In addition to minimizing waste by optimizing the use of packaging materials, we have implemented a recycling program with specialized partners in our area.

This approach has enabled us to raise the awareness of the importance of recycling with each of our employees as well as with our customers.

Every year, we recycle as much as 98% of our materials and review our waste-management and recycling practices regularly.

A real social benefit

Our holistic approach to sustainable development contributes significantly to the sustainability of LUX.

It has permitted us to foster a positive work environment for our employees and our suppliers, which is helping us to gain an ever-wider loyal clientele year after year.

In short, acquiring a LUX product is more than a simple purchase.