LUX Canada - Quality & Design



Forever seeking perfection and committed to offering exceptional products, LUX is continuously investing in human resources as well as in its premises and equipment. With regards to quality, its vision even encompasses quality control achieved by carrying out regular testing on raw materials and on the functionality of the products.

These rigorous controls are conducted throughout the entire production process, from the selection and transformation of raw materials to the faultless packaging of the products. By ensuring each of our installation and user’s guides are reviewed, we leave nothing up to chance.

Our professional and competent team follows up on inspections, from the preliminary inspection of raw materials to in-plant testing at different production steps, in order to ensure the solid value of our visual inspections and hands-on controls within a large production process.

Every LUX product is tested until it is packaged and much attention is given to even the smallest detail to make sure you are entirely satisfied.


LUX creates products that combine sophistication and simplicity. This typically European approach can be seen in the hand finishing of our products, and in their unsurpassed quality. Giving particular attention to the shape and functionality of our products, we conceive them so as to prolong their life cycle yet infuse them with the subtle elegance of a contemporary design.

Our bathroom fixtures, kitchen sinks, shower panels and range hoods offer the refinement of the most popular European trends and exceptional performance to answer all our client’s needs.